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How-to: Registering an Account with offroad-CULT

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    BeitragVerfasst am: 26.02.2009, 19:19    Titel: How-to: Registering an Account with offroad-CULT
    Hi and Welcome to offroad-CULT, Austria's largest rc-community and specializing in rc-offroad. From advice on beginner's vehicles to discussions about delicate brushless conversions, from gas-powered 1/8 to race chat or even monster trucks, big scale and crawlers, this is the right place!

    offroad-CULT, primarily, is a German-speaking forum, but you can get a (in many cases) decent translation using the methods outlined in this topic.

    Now, should you decide to register an account with offroad-CULT, then this is the subforum, you can post in English. Registering an account is mandatory for posting at our forums, and this guide will help you through the registration process!

    Step 1: Providing the necessary data
    Look at the header section of our forums. You'll notice the orange-yellow bar that says "offroad-CULT Mitglied werden" at first, which means "become an offroad-CULT member".

    Clicking this link will provide you with our terms of use that are not available in English yet, but do not greatly differ from the rules, other boards employ.
    To accept the terms of use, you have to click on "Ich bin mit den Konditionen dieses Forums einverstanden und über oder exakt 12 Jahre alt." which translates into "I agree with the terms of use and I'm 12 years or older"

    Upon accepting the rules, you're sent to an input form where you have to tell us a few things about yourself, mainly
    "Benutzername:" - enter you desired user name here
    "E-Mail-Adresse:" - you e-mail adress
    "Passwort:" - chose a password for later login
    "Passwort bestätigen:" - retype the password to make sure it's correct.

    The next form fields are optional - you can have a signature - "Signatur" - and you may want to change your timezone accordingly - "Zeitzone".

    When you're done, click "Absenden", "send", and you'll see the following text: "Dein Account wurde erstellt. Dieses Forum benötigt aber eine Aktivierung, daher wurde ein Activation-Key an deine E-Mail-Adresse gesendet. Bitte überprüfe deine Mailbox für weitere Informationen.
    Klick hier um zum Index zurückzukehren"

    This means, that we want to verify your e-mail adress. Your account is established, but not active yet. You'll recieve an e-mail from us, providing a link that will activate your account so that you log in and post messages. Almost done!

    Step 2: Activating your account

    Shortly afterwards, you'll recieve an e-mail from webmaster[at]offroad-cult.org (which is also the adress you can write to, should you have any troubles with the registration process).
    The e-mail contains your user data (name and password) and a link you have to click to activate your account.
    If clicking the link in your preferred e-mail client does not work, just copy the link into a new browser window. Offroad-CULT will now tell you, that the registration was successful. "Dein Account wurde aktiviert. Danke für die Registrierung."

    Step 3: Loging in

    Easy one - just click "Login" at the header bar, enter your username ("Benutzername") and your password ("Passwort"). Additionally, you can choose to stay logged in permanently until you manually log out by activating "Bei jedem Besuch automatisch einloggen". Otherwise, you'll be logged out after some inactive time or as soon as you close the browser window.

    Step 4: Posting
    Logged in and browsing our forums, you'll find the following button that lets you open a new topic:

    Browsing a topic will show a new button that lets you post an answer to this topic:

    The topic/posting editor is quite straightforward. You'll have to enter a headline/title ("Titel") and your message follows a few lines below ("Nachrichtentext").
    At the end, the button named "Vorschau" leads you to a preview of your posting, while "Absenden" directly adds your topic/posting to the forum - easy as that! Smile

    Welcome and thank you for registering an account. Have fun!
    Should you have any language problems, feel free to contact me at webmaster[at]offroad-cult.org
    OC Usermap - tragt euch auf unserer Landkarte ein!
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    offroad-CULT Forum » offroad-CULT Info-Area » How-to: Registering an Account with offroad-CULT » 

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